Toyota’s Teen Drive 365 Hopes to Minimize Accidents among Young Drivers

Teen DriversCountless studies and evidence have shown that the first year a teenager has their license is one of the top most dangerous years of their lives. Even with all the additional safety technology and features that come standard on today’s cars, it is important to encourage good driving habits and to foster an open environment where teens feel comfortable talking and asking about driving. It is also important to remind parents that they are the primary resource of driving behavior for their children.

“We like to say that driver’s education begins the day a parent turns their child’s car seat around to face forward,” said Dr. Tina Sayer, Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center Principal Engineer and teen safe driving expert. “It’s so important that parents understand that the actions they take and the expectations they set for young drivers each day are powerful factors in encouraging a lifetime of safe behavior behind the wheel.”

It is for these reasons that Toyota has put together their TeenDrive365 program. The goal of this program is to inspire parents to model safer driving behavior and to encourage teens to ask questions and talk about learning to drive. Some of the primary features include:

  • Schedules and information about safe driving events around the country where teens can learn good habits and participate in classes.
  • The Toyota Parent/Teen Safety Challenge, an engaging social media quiz that pits teens and their parents against each other to see who knows more about safe driving.
  • The Toyota Mutual Driving Agreement, a contract for teens and their parents. This is a pledge for both to uphold in order to improve driving safety.
  • Toyota Teen Driver Resources, including coaching guides, training videos, Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge (with a chance to win $15,000), prizes, and more.
  • Safety tips, facts, and pointers

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