Toyota Yaris Cracks List of Top-10 Cars for Teens

“Yaris: It’s A Car!” This was the tagline of Toyota’s 2011 campaign for the Yaris, though the 2012 model has proven to be much more than just a car, grabbing a spot on USAA’s list of best cars for teenagers.

In a recent survey, USAA polled parents to see which attributes were most desirable in a car for teens to drive.  Not surprisingly, the top three categories important to parents came out with reliability on top, safety just behind, and insurance affordability a close third.

With these principles in mind, USAA has compiled a list of the best rated cars for teens to drive, citing the Toyota Yaris (specifically the 2012 model) as a top pick.  Retailing at just over $14,000, the Yaris provides parents with a budget-conscious, yet extremely safe and reliable vehicle in which teens can hone the art of driving.

Toyota made a strong showing the list, with the Scion (owned by Toyota) tC, xD, and xB models taking first, fourth, and fifth places respectively.

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