Toyota Working on “Smart Car” Technology

Once again, Toyota proves that it is sincerely interested in the safety of drivers. As a part of continued efforts to make the roads as safe and easy to navigate as possible, Toyota is working to produce a “smart car” that can monitor its own surroundings and warn drivers of dangers. Systems already in place include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning systems, rear-cross traffic sensors, rear-view cameras, and a variety of collision avoidance systems. Now the company is working to create car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication systems that could act as a second set of eyes for drivers.

The plan is to create a standard 5.9 GHz channel that will be used by future vehicles to communicate vital statistics to nearby cars and objects. By communicating things like speed, acceleration, and braking status, an accurate map of the nearby area could be interpreted by the car’s computer. This would make things like pulling out of a blind intersection much less dangerous. Ideally, the system could eventually warn drivers about red lights or stop signs they appear to have missed. The system could even display the ideal speed at which to travel in order to reduce congestion.

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