Toyota Unveils Slew of New Safety Features

Yesterday, Japanese automaker, Toyota, unveiled a few of its newest safety technologies, all designed to prevent accidents from happening and minimizing damages when they do.

The headlining feature at the venue was Toyota’s accident avoidance technology. Using radar to stop a car in the event of an expect collision is nothing new, high-end automakers like BMW and Lexus (part of Toyota Motors) have been using them for years. But Toyota has expanded on the technology.

Toyota has mounted cameras and a super-sensitive radar called “millimeter-wave” to the front of the car. When a collision is expected and the vehicle determines it likely will not be able to stop in time, the car will take steering to veer out of the way.

This technology will be especially useful in Japan where pedestrian accidents have not gone down at all given all the new automotive technologies. If a person walks in front of a car the car will be able to react well before the driver might even see them.

Toyota made no official announcement as to when this new feature would be widely available in dealership vehicles, but did hint that it will be ready for release soon.

Other Toyota features that were on display yesterday include a pop up hood that mitigates damage to pedestrians in the event of an accident. As well as a new steering wheel with heart-rate monitors that will help avoid accidents if a drive suffers a heart-attack.

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