Toyota Tops List of Cheapest Repair Costs

Over the last few years we have seen, what seems like numerous expensive problems from Toyota. But despite all these recalls, Toyota still remains the least expensive auto brand when it comes to repair costs.

The report, which is done yearly by CarMD, lists out the least expensive car brands in terms of repair costs, and this year there were some surprises. Coming in second was Hyundai, which is no real surprise, given its stellar dependable reputation. Rounding out the top 5 this year were Honda, Ford, and General Motors.

The top ranked model on this report was the 2009 Toyota Corolla. Mostly due to infrequent trips to the mechanic and an average trip cost of just $45.84. The report covers pretty much everything that might go wrong with a car, with the exception of belts and tires.

The most surprising thing this year was the slip of the Lexus brand. The luxury version of Toyota, Lexus wasn’t able to crack the top ten this year, despite great consumer reviews regarding overall repairs and costs. The biggest reason for their fall was attributed, not to cost per repair, but to the frequency of which repairs were needed.

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