Toyota Sienna LE Tops List of Cheapest Cars to Insure

Car insurance can be one of those hidden costs that many people forget to factor in when buying a new car, but it can easily be one of the biggest budget busters out there. This year put out a list of the 20 most and least expensive cars to ensure.

It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise but minivans, pickup trucks and small compact commuter cars were among the least expensive to insure, while the super powerful and super exotic models were among the most expensive.

The only real issue with this list is that it doesn’t really compare apples to apples. Among the most expensive cars to insure are all four variants of the BMW 7 Series, Audi R8, and a handful of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche models, all of which will cost you a pretty penny. On the flip side, those that were the least expensive to insure are domestic brands and small engine displacement models. The issue here is that if you have the cash on hand to buy an Audi R8 which will set you back about 6 figures, you can probably afford the extra $2,273 per year (the difference between the Audi and the Toyota Sienna).

Topping the list of the least expensive to insure is the Toyota Sienna LE, followed closely by the Sienna base model. If there is a big take away from looking at this list, it is that smaller engines typically equal smaller insurance premiums. Among the top 20 least expensive, 12 of them are 4 cylinder engines and the other 8 models are 6 cylinder. Looking at the other side, among the top 20 most expensive, 4 of them have 12 cylinders while all but 3 have at least 8 or more cylinders. In the insurance world, more performance equals more money.

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