Toyota Shows Off FT-86 on Racetrack

We’ve been talking a lot about the new Toyota FT-86 and its rebadged sibling the Scion FRS, mostly because its been so long since Toyota has put out a performance-minded car this good. The Toyota version of this car isn’t expected to see dealerships in the states but we should be treated to the FRS, which is essentially the same car with different logos.

Toyota has been teasing us with videos clips and testing shots, and automotive bloggers have been capturing spy shots of the car testing for the past year or so. But recently Toyota official showed off the FT-86/FRS and is now giving us a video of the car as it shows off on the track.

This looks like its going to be a very nice sports car. Its not amazingly fast, but its is nimble given its incredibly low center of gravity and it packs enough power to please most drivers. Take a look as it does a few laps and tests at the race track along side the original Toyota sports car.

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