Toyota Highlights the 2013 Camry in the Reinvented Super Bowl Ad

During the upcoming Super Bowl, Toyota will be airing a new commercial featuring the all-new 2013 Camry.  It has been completely reinvented for the new year, but Toyota didn’t seem to want to stop there as the commercial depicts.

Since the reinvention of the Camry went so well, they decided to reinvent some other house hold items. These reinventions includes items such as a super model couch, pizza curtains, crime fighting house plants and who wouldn’t love a baby that didn’t poop!

Bill Fay, Group Vice President of Marketing at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc, commented on the theme of Toyota’s hilarious new commercial ad, “The Super Bowl provides a forum to really drive home the reinvention message of the seventh-generation Camry, using humor to resonate with the American public.”

To check out the reinvented 2013 Camry, stop by our dealership, Cumberland Toyota, today!

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