Toyota Prius Campers?

The Toyota Prius has developed quite a following in the automotive world. As one of the most popular hybrid vehicles to really go mainstream, it is also a very versatile vehicle. Now offered in any number of configurations, classic 5-door hatchback, Prius V extended hatchback, Prius C compact hatchback, and the plug-in hybrid, there is a Prius that can fit the needs of just about any driver. What about those people who like to go camping or just dislike paying for hotels while on a long road trip? For these people there are now several options, including a hatch tent and the full out Prius Camper Van conversion kit.

The world of Japanese aftermarket parts is notorious for putting out some seriously strange upgrades and kits for otherwise very tame cars. The conversion kit that turns a Prius into a fully functional camper van, however, has got to be at the top of the list of strange things. This kit adds a plastic and fiberglass shell to the hybrid that allows it to hold two double beds and even a retractable coffee table or a side sofa! All this added weight and bulk has got to do a lot to undermine the Prius’ fuel efficiency, but if you’re into camping this could be a fun conversion!

For those who don’t want to sacrifice any of their Toyota’s aerodynamic profile or fuel efficiency, there is also a tent out there that attaches to the rear of the Prius with the hatch open. This allows drivers to lay the back seats down, put down a mattress, and stop wherever they like to catch some shut-eye!

What do you think of these kits? Are you one of those people who like to go on long road trips? If so, these could make your life a lot easier and a lot more interesting, that’s for sure!

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