Toyota and BMW plan to Collaborate for an Amazing Future Sports Car


Very recently, Toyota and BMW have made a public announcement that they plan to collaborate together in the very near future in the interest of creating quality vehicles and parts that will help to make future vehicles as fuel efficient as possible. This partnership spans across several distinct areas.

They will work together on joint research for the productions of weight saving components and technology, the development of a fuel cell system, and innovations on new electric powertrains. Finally, and perhaps most exciting of all, they have announced that the two companies will work together to create a future sports car!
We all know that both companies have their own strengths that they will bring to this partnership. BMW is known for its performance vehicles and the handling characteristics that set them apart. Toyota is known for making fuel efficient vehicles that are extremely reliable and also for their ability to find new and innovative ways to save costs. All of this adds up to a very exciting car that may come out in the near future.

With the recent success of the Toyota/Subaru collaboration that resulted in the FR-S/86/BRZ, Toyota has proven that this method can produce quality cars at a great price! Keep an eye out for this future sports car at Cumberland Toyota! And if you can’t wait that long to check out new cars, stop by the dealership to check out our inventory!

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