Toyota Plans A New Mini Crossover

toyotaIt’s no secret, modern drivers like to get the most out of their vehicles. The average driver wants a fuel efficient car that has compact exterior dimensions and lots of technology and features. They also want a fun-to-drive car with lots of interior space and storage that is reliable. For these reasons, crossovers and small SUVs are very popular on the roads. Now, Toyota plans to build a mini crossover type vehicle that would compete directly with the popular Nissan Juke.

The automaker already has a good design in mind, the Toyota Rugged Sports Coupe from the 2001 Chicago Auto Show. While the RSC never made it into production, Toyota could easily make the move by basing it on one of their already existing car platforms. Keep an eye out for more details and speculation. If the Toyota mini crossover does get produced it would probably start at around $20,000 and feature a fuel efficient four-cylinder engine.

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