Toyota Park Assist Available on 2013 and 2014 Vehicles

Park AssistWhile Toyota plans to release a fully automated vehicle sometime down the line—maybe even before the end of the decade—autonomous driving continues to come to us in small steps. Take the Toyota Park Assist system, for instance; the new feature, a mixture of advanced technology and added security measures, lets you give up worrying about parallel parking because it allows your new Toyota to park itself.

Here’s how it works—when you’re ready to park your Toyota, activate the Park Assist feature by pushing the button on the lower left side of the dash. Next, drive up next to the car in front of your parking spot, positioning your vehicle about 3 feet away. Your Toyota’s display screen will prompt you with instructions, and the car will ding when you’re in position. Following the instructions, put the car in reverse, keep your foot on the brake pedal, and then release the wheel to allow the car to move back and park itself.

Sensors in the car allows the car to guide itself expertly back into the parking space and stop when its positioned perfectly. Toyota Park Assist is just one more reason to come see us down at Cumberland Toyota and find the right Toyota vehicle for you.

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