Toyota makes its Latest Appearance on the Home Shopping Network

In a recent move by the Japanese car company, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid appeared on the Home Shopping Network during a new program called “Discover Toyota” on Oct. 7th. While this may seem silly to some, Toyota feels that the network represents a potentially large, untapped demographic of customers.

The show was primarily a way to get more news about the growing selection of hybrid vehicles from Toyota out to the masses. Micah Muzio from and Tara Weingarten from both served as automobile experts on the program, lending their opinion of the hybrids and sharing information. The show consisted of trivia and Toyota games that gave points to the winners. In the end, participants could enter their points into a sweepstakes with a Toyota Avalon Hybrid as a prize! Whether you think this is a good idea or not, Toyota is definitely doing its best to inform potential customers.

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