Toyota Favorites: Tundra

When it was first introduced as a 2000 model year, the Toyota Tundra was quickly recognized as the first full-sized truck from a foreign brand to truly take a stab at competing with the American ones. The Tundra is in direct competition with giants such as the F-150, Silverado, and the 1500. As a foreign model, the Tundra has to do everything that much better just to be considered “on-par” with the American classics. But with the reliability of Toyota behind it, styling that appeals to American consumers, and the option of a hearty V8 engine, the Toyota Tundra has really proven itself to be a worthy contender in the world of full-sized pickups.

The second generation Tundra, introduced in 2007 and still in production, is where the truck really found itself. The Tundra gained interior cabin space, increased towing capacity of over 10,000 lbs and a payload capacity of over a ton, improved engine and transmission options, and greater customization. It allows drivers to have a choice of three different bed lengths, three different cabin styles, four wheel-bases, and two transmissions. For all options, the Tundra is praised for being more user-friendly, comfortable and spacious than its competition. The CrewMax cabin is a truly cavernous option with sliding and reclining rear seats and forward hinged rear doors. Engines powering this pickup range from the 4.0 liter V6 that cranks out 270 HP and 278 lb-ft all the way up to the 5.7 liter V8 that produces a whopping 381 HP and 401 lb-ft of torque.

In every way, the Toyota Tundra gives more and asks for less than its competition. If you are in the market for a large, comfortable pickup that is more than capable of doing anything you may ask of it, stop by Cumberland Toyota and check out our inventory!

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