Toyota Favorites: Supra

The Mark IV Supra by Toyota is possibly one of the most well known sports cars ever produced by the company. Many would argue that it is the best affordable sports car ever made. Featured in The Fast and the Furious and coveted among amateur racers, tuners, and speed enthusiasts, the Supra has definitely made quite a name for itself. While it was a large and heavy car, it had what many believe to be the best engine ever produced by Toyota, the twin-turbo, straight-six, 2JZ-GTE. Normally an excellent engine in terms of power output, Toyota did a little bit of extra tuning for export models (yes that means the one’s that came to America) to increase power. With some small tweaks like more efficient turbos, higher flow fuel injectors, and other changes, Toyota got the factory output to 320 horsepower and 315 lb-ft of torque. Straight from the factory it was capable of accelerating to 60 in just 4.6 seconds and could run a ¼ mile in just 13.1!

A great mix of styling, performance and attitude, the Mark IV Supra was a great car that still has its die-hard fans. If you want to check out some more modern cars made by Toyota, stop by Cumberland Toyota to check out our inventory!

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