Toyota Entune Smartphone Integration


In recent years, smartphones have become so common that it is almost expected that everyone owns one. Technology that would have cost hundreds of dollars only a few years ago is now offered for free with a phone contract at many providers. And with this surge of technology, car companies are figuring out how to integrate this technology into vehicles to make for a more enjoyable experience.  Toyota’s take on in car infotainment is known as Toyota Entune and it allows customers with a smartphone to access apps via the cars touchscreen interface.

Currently, when drivers download the Toyota Entune app onto their smartphone, they can automatically access Bing, OpenTable,, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and other apps. It is expected that as the system progresses, Toyota will add more apps that will make driving even more fun for everyone in the car. Possibly the best thing about Entune is that drivers do not have to mess around with Bluetooth connectivity or wires, it is all done on the cloud automatically. As the system is wirelessly upgradeable, the apps will never become obsolete either!

If you want to check out the Entune system you can go to Cumberland Toyota to learn more or try it out in person in any number of vehicles.

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