Toyota Electric Sports Car in the Works?

With all the recent news about Toyota and BMW teaming up to make a future sports car, everyone seems to be taking their best guess at what it might look like. One possible hint might have been dropped at the Goodwood Festival of Speed earlier this month when a classic Toyota 2000GT made an appearance. Normally, this would be exciting enough since these roadsters are rare and often coveted by enthusiasts. However, this 2000GT Toyota electric sports car was a project car that incorporated an electric motor, a manual gearbox, and a solar panel charger on the hood.

Many believe that any future sports electric vehicle (SEV) from Toyota might feature a similar manual transmission as opposed to CVTs that are found in most electric vehicles of today. The manual just provides a much better feel and makes the car a bit more fun to drive and sporty.

Even if this 2000GT SEV has nothing to do with the collaboration between Toyota and BMW, it is exciting to see such groundbreaking progress in the world of electric vehicles! Keep your eye out for more news to come from this unlikely partnership.

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