Toyota Creates a High-Speed Collision Avoidance System

Toyota has just announced the creation of an incredible new collision avoidance system that works at much greater speeds than has been previously possible. This system is, in effect, a Pre-Collision System (PCS) with a collision avoidance assist system that can monitor traffic and help drivers avoid running into cars ahead of them.

Using millimeter-wave radio, the system is constantly on the lookout for vehicles ahead that are travelling at a much lower speed. When the system suspects the risk of a collision, it will first sound an alert and activate a visual display that will warn the driver of danger. If the driver hits the brakes during a PCS active situation, the system increases braking force by about 100%. This makes it possible for a car to decelerate by up to 60 km/h (driver’s car travelling 80 km/h, preceding car travelling 20 km/h). If the driver does not apply the brakes, an automatic deceleration of as much as 30 km/h can be activated to make the collision less damaging to both parties.

This should make driving that much safer as Toyota claims that more than 90% of rear-end collisions are a result of a 60 km/h or less difference between leading and following cars. Here at Cumberland Toyota we can’t wait to see this system on new Toyota vehicles.

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