Toyota Continues to Pioneer in Transportation with the Me.We Concept

Toyota Me.We InteriorToyota has always been on the cutting edge of transportation technology and environmental friendliness. One of the first, truly successful, hybrid vehicles, the Toyota Prius, was a result of Toyota’s innovation and dedication to making quality products. Now, the car company has put out a new concept vehicle, the Toyota Me. We concept that shows how they think the future of transportation will look.

Toyota Me.WeThis concept features a lot of unique and innovative technology and shows some real “outside-the-box” thinking. In-wheel electric motors help this small bus-looking vehicle to achieve excellent interior space and great maneuverability. The floor-mounted battery pack is covered with a renewable bamboo panel. Interchangeable body panels make this a very customizable vehicle. An extendable rear-panel makes this a pickup substitute while a removable roof-panel makes it a convertible. Check out the video below and check out some of our current vehicle at Cumberland Toyota online.

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