Toyota Becomes Greenest Company on Earth

Interbrand, an international brand management leader, released its 2011 list of Best Global Green Brands earlier and Toyota has laid claim to the top spot. The global maker of some of the most reliable vehicles on the market started it main green initiative with the release of the Prius worldwide in 2001.

Toyota was recognized not only for its continually improving energy efficiency, with the release of two other hybrid models, but also for its partnership with Tesla, a designer of electric vehicles. The company-wide environmental initatives and energy efficient programs also played a major role in their ranking.

While automobiles have always been blamed as major contributors to environmental issues, this year Toyota Motor Co. joins 6 other auto manufacturers in the top 20. Other automakers are, Volkwagen (#6), Honda (#7), Hyundai (#11), BMW (#12), Mercedes-Benz (#16), and Ford (#20). It appears as if most car makers are making great strides to improving their vehicles and their planet, but once again Toyota is leading the pack!

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