Three Toyota Models in the Top 10 Highest Fuel Efficiency

Earth Day was yesterday, and what better way to celebrate by looking at the Top 10 highest MPG vehicles for 2012. At the top are a few of the new all-electric models, which depending on your driving habits, may or may not be practical. What is more impressive is that after you see the all-electric vehicles, which account for top 5 vehicles, Toyota has claimed three of the next 5. Take a look at the top 10:


  1. Mitsubishi I – 112 MPGe
  2. Ford Focus EV – 105 MPGe
  3. Nissan Leaf – 99 MPGe
  4. Coda EV Sedan – 73 MPGe
  5. Ford Transit Connect Electric – 62 MPGe
  6. Chevrolet Volt – 60 MPGe
  7. Toyota Prius C – 50 MPG
  8. Toyota Prius – 50 MPG
  9. Honda Civic Hybrid – 44 MPG
  10. Toyota Prius V – 42 MPG


The Prius has seen great success, as one of the first mainstream hybrid vehicles on the market. After years of having the one sedan model, Toyota has started branching off the Prius into different body styles including the smaller Prius C and the larger Prius V, for people who need more or less space, than the standard sedan model.


The Prius C is smaller and more affordable brand new than the regular Prius (starting at around $20,000) but has seen great sales in the first few weeks of selling. Customers both here in the US and in Japan have been very enthusiastic to a smaller version of the Prius.


The larger Prius V takes the Prius and inflates it just a bit, but only sacrifices a few miles per gallon over the Prius. The Prius V offers 97.2 cubic feet of passenger space and 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space, compared to the standard Prius which offers 93.7 cubic feet and 21.6 cubic feet of passenger and cargo space, respectively.


Learn more about the Toyota Prius and all of its current and upcoming variations at Cumberland Toyota.

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