The Toyota Prius Plug-In gets Some Competition

The Toyota Prius has been around in one form or another in the United States marked for 12 years. Since then, it has created demands for larger versions, smaller versions, sportier versions, and even plug-in hybrid versions. The Prius was the original hybrid car in the minds of the majority of American drivers. But now, with more and more drivers demanding fuel efficient vehicles, there are finally competitors for the Prius showing up on dealership lots. One vehicle that is very similar to the Prius is the Chevy Volt but drivers will still find differences between the two.

Both cars offer very efficient driver’s cars with very little compromise in terms of usability, convenience, and style. The Volt uses a larger battery that takes longer to charge and also offers a longer “full-EV” range. The Prius, on the other hand, uses a smaller, faster charging battery that works in conjunction with a small gasoline engine to provide excellent fuel economy and a limited EV range. Most drivers find that the smaller battery can charge while the car is parked at a shopping center or a movie theater. This allows them to utilize completely electric drive round-trip, even though there is a lower total range. The Prius Plug-In charges in only 3 hours on a 120v charger in fact. This is much faster than the overnight charge required by the Volt and other plug-in hybrids.

It usually comes down to driver preference, but many drivers are finding that the “original hybrid” has the right formula. If you are interested in seeing a Prius Plug-In in person or going on a “Full-EV” test drive, feel free to stop by Cumberland Toyota in Cookeville, TN.

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