Single Seat Cars of the Future

Earlier in the year, Toyota released a line of electric single seat cars in Japan that are quite different than what you might expect. Since the Japanese landscape is very crowded in the cities where most of its residents live, an all-electric drivetrain was a natural choice. The cars are also miniscule. Offering seating for one and about enough storage space for half a grocery run, these little vehicles make an old-school Mini Cooper look huge! But Toyota thinks this might be the way of the future. At least in packed urban settings.

With young drivers less and less likely to buy a car and more likely to shell out big bucks for a smartphone, the Coms car, as it is called, tries to entice them with a low price and lots of tech. It is clear that this car could easily become one of the world’s first “smart-cars” that can interact with drivers and infrastructure.

Weighing only 410kg (less than 1000 lbs) the battery powered car has a range of about 30 miles and a top speed of 30 MPH. But cheap and simple transportation may be enough to get younger drivers interested in this little car. What do you think?

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