Self-Driving Cars?

The prospect of self-driving cars has been around since perhaps as long as cars themselves. Who wouldn’t want the ultimate cruise control that not only keeps you at a steady speed, but that can also steer, brake, and accelerate according to the environment? There are actually several test vehicles out there, and states are already passing laws that allow the licensing of self-driving vehicles. Google created a Toyota Prius that can drive itself and has gone over 300,000 miles without a single accident. With technology like adaptive cruise control, self parking systems, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring, we may not be as far off as we may think.

The real issue is no longer the technology involved. While tests still need to be conducted simply to ensure the safety of human lives in any number of situations, the main thing holding this technology back is our acceptance of it. Car companies could create 100% safe systems, but if people do not trust it they won’t buy it! Some experts believe that we will see the first self-driving cars available to the public as early as 2019 and industry officials estimate it around 2025. Either way, this technology is not very far off. Will you be ready?

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