Scion “Make Every Second Count”

Scion Make Every Second CountScion has been really working to help support entrepreneurs to establish their business over the past few months. As a small, newly created division of Toyota, Scion really connects with the individuals who have the passion and the drive to start something of their own. As long as individuals have passion and determination for what they do, the world will never become a boring or stale place and Scion wants to support these brave people in any way they can.

In the latest round of commercial from the automaker, five entrepreneurs were given a scion and a handheld video camera for two weeks in order to document their life and their goals. They worked together with the renowned documentary filmmaker Doug Pray to create a collage of one-second clips that show their day-to-day life.

The subjects of these commercials were:
• Bryant Terry – Chef, Author, and Activist from Oakland, CA who was given a Scion iQ to drive.
• Lisa Nativo – Owner and founder of a food truck business in Los Angeles who drove a Scion xD.
• Daniel Farahirad – Bicycling activist and shop owner from Los Angeles who was given an xB.
• Travis Hayes Busse – Music promoter, manager, and talent scout from San Francisco who drove a Scion tC.
• Levi Maestro – Filmmaker, entrepreneur, and web personality from LA who got to use the Scion FR-S.

Check out the videos below.

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