Be Ready for Anything with Toyota’s Tire and Wheel Protection

Tire and Wheel ProtectionWith winter weather officially here, we all have to drive a bit more carefully. All the ice, snow, and freezing rain wreak havoc on the roads and aside from making everything slick, it can also create huge potholes that sit hidden under puddles or slush. In fact, all sorts of road hazards can be hidden under the ice, slush, and snow, making it a very dangerous season for wheels and tires. That’s why Toyota is introducing their all-new Toyota Tire and Wheel Protection Plan.

“We’ve all had that moment when we hit a pothole, scraped up against a curb, or even had an unexpected blowout. With our new Tire & Wheel protection plan, we hope we can make life a little easier for our customers by offering an option that will help protect them against the high costs of replacement,” said Jim Miller, National Manager of Product Development. “We are confident that customers will see our plan is priced competitively and provides what we believe is better coverage and service than non-Toyota repair or replace plans.”

Customers who opt into the new Tire and Wheel Protection Plan will be able to take advantage of a number of great features. The following features are all included or available with the plan:

  • Optional cosmetic wheel repair available for scuffs, curb scrapes, and other minor damage (Add-On Feature)
  • Wheel Replacement – Wheels that can no longer hold a seal will be completely replaced
  • Full tire replacement – Tires will not be repaired, patched, or plugged. Any damaged tire will be completely replaced with a new one. This applies to run-flats and aftermarket tires as well.
  • Optional paintless dent repair and windshield repair (Add-On Feature)
  • Towing Reimbursement (Up to $100)
  • Related Labor Costs and Fees
  • No claim limit
  • One-time transferability of benefits. This ensures that the vehicle will still be covered if it is sold to a private party.

For more information about the Tire and Wheel Protection Plan visit Toyota’s Tire & Wheel Protection page or give us a call at (931) 526-5600 to talk to one of our experts here at Cumberland Toyota in Cookeville, TN.

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