Next-Generation Toyota Prius in the Works

Toyota Prius FamilyWe’re still a year away from the release of the fourth-generation Toyota Prius, but Toyota is releasing new information about its progress. According to reports, the new Prius will get a new design and improved technology.

The new Prius will have a dramatic new design with a lower center of gravity and lower stance. It will be built on new platform called Toyota New Global Architecture. This will give the Prius a sportier look and improve handling.

One of the biggest changes to the new Prius is a more efficient engine. It will have a thermal efficiency rate of about 40 percent, an improvement over the current Prius rate of 38.5 percent. The hybrid system will get lighter, more powerful lithium-ion batteries. Toyota is ultimately hoping the new Prius will be 10 percent more efficient than the current model with a goal of 55 mpg.

What are your expectations for the next-generation Toyota Prius?

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