New Labeling Could Help You Pick Better Tires

Tire Tread

With fuel efficiency becoming more and more important to modern car buyers, it was only a matter of time until aftermarket parts suppliers started catching on. One of the most crucial parts of a vehicle that can contribute to higher MPGs is a good set of tires. In order to help drivers choose the tire that matches their ideal combination of tread wear, cost, efficiency, performance, and road noise.

By extensively testing new tires in a lab setting, aftermarket tire suppliers will be able to rate each set based on how they perform and communicate the results to customers in a standardized format. This is great news for owners of new cars since many auto-makers are able to advertise excellent fuel-efficiency ratings based on the use of low rolling resistance tires. Now drivers who are used to getting around 37 MPG, in cars like the Toyota Yaris, can preserve their car’s lifetime fuel efficiency and even improve it with lower resistance rubber.

This will also be a great way for drivers to get the best deal on quality tires, as expensive, premium brand, tires are tested right alongside of low-cost brands. With third-party testing, anyone will be able to see which offering gives the higher value.

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