Nevada DMV Adopts Self-Driving Car Rules

Last June, Nevada become the first state to approve the future use of autonomous cars after Governor Brian Sandoval signed Google’s Autonomous Car Bill. Now, just over 6 months later, the Nevada DMV has set in place the first set of rules for self-driving cars.

The rules set so far are pretty simple, autonomous test vehicles must have a red license plate, and if the technology is ever approved for public use, self-driving cars will then sport a green license plate. The color coded plates will allow drivers to easily and quickly identify self-driving cars from those which are piloted by actual human beings.

In coming up with these rules, the state of Nevada said it worked with Google, automobile manufacturers, testing professionals, insurance companies, universities, and law enforcement. “Our work doesn’t stop here,” said Department of Motor Vehicles director Bruce Breslow. “The department is currently developing licensing procedures for companies that want to test their self-driving vehicles in Nevada. Nevada is proud to be the first state to embrace this emergent technology and the department looks forward to sustaining partnerships as the technology evolves.”

Google’s car remains one of the most notable self-driving vehicles, and they are currently using a Toyota Prius. Other companies are looking forward to getting their vehicles in Nevada as well. Currently BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen have all shown prototypes of self-driving vehicles and could join Google in Nevada.

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