Is the V6 Engine Going Away?

Engine Air FilterMany sources believe that 2013 could be one of the last years that the V6 engine is widely used in passenger vehicles. Already, the trend of downsizing engines and using a combination of turbochargers and better fuel injection to achieve similar power and better fuel economy has become quite popular. Now the V6 engine has all but disappeared from the world of the family sedan and its popularity in crossover SUVs is dwindling. Could it be that the turbo-four is the new V6?

With fuel efficiency taking priority over towing power and off-road capacity, many car companies are choosing to downsize to these more efficient, and sometimes equally powerful, setups. Using a turbocharged four-cylinder almost always nets more miles per gallon and comes at only a small price to power, if any. Some fear that turbocharged four-cylinders are more prone to wear, but with current technology and build specifications, wear is not really a factor, even after hundreds of thousands of miles. While large-load towing is I bit worse, few drivers will ever pull anything larger than a jet-ski or small trailer.

It looks like as engine technology continues to improve the turbo-four will only become more popular as larger engines are set aside only for drivers who need to tow large loads or go off-road frequently.

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