Great Choice For Returning Students Or Young Adults Entering The Real World

It’s about that time of year again… Yup, the college students will be going back to campus and those that graduated earlier this summer will be entering the workforce after their last summer vacation. But how will all these young people get around in style? The 2012 Toyota Yaris sits in a very crowded pack of entry level cars aimed directly at this age group. But while the rest tend to blend into the background, the Yaris makes its presence known with an updated and fun design style.

2013 Toyota YarisAs Toyota’s most affordable model, the Yaris’s is marketed with the slogan “It’s a car!” Considering the value that drivers will get from this little hatchback though, it’s not just a car any more, it’s a smart choice. By eliminating the poorly selling sedan option, Toyota was able to eliminate many build combinations and in turn, keep the overall costs down.

Even the very base model version of the Toyota Yaris comes with some creature comforts that may not be included in other vehicles of this class. Cloth seats may seem pretty common, but the fabric used in the Yaris L is really quite good and was built for durability. Air Conditioning, a CD player, USB and iPod inputs, power locks and a single-arm windshield wiper come at no additional cost on this little car. 9 airbags and a slew of safety features make sure that occupants are safe in the event of a crash. It is sure that the Yaris will be a great choice backed with Toyota’s reputation for longevity!

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