Favorite Toyotas

Perhaps one of the most iconic small cars introduced to the world is the Toyota Corolla AE86. Introduced back in 1983, the AE86 is a part of the 5th generation of the Corolla. In essence, it is a small, lightweight, 4-cylinder car like many others. It was one of the last rear-wheel drive passenger cars made without the primary intent of being “sporty” though. This feature, along with its relatively good power-to-weight ratio and easy to tune engine mean that it became a dream car for the “enthusiast on a budget.”

The rally and drift racing communities have taken a liking to the AE86 and never quite let go. These communities like the car so much that its legacy has become something of a legend, at least partially inspiring the recent partnership between Toyota and Subaru to create the 86/BRZ/FR-S.  Some may think the Corolla AE86 looks boxy or boring, but here at Cumberland Toyota we just like the simple styling and, most of all, the performance and tune-ability of the car!

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