Customized Classic First-Gen Toyota Celica Impresses

1975 Toyota Celica LiftbackEveryone loves a properly restored classic, and for this first-generation Toyota Celica from the early 70s that is especially true. During this time period, the Skyline and the Datsun 510 were some of the major “sporty car” competitors from the Japanese market and Toyota didn’t really have anything that competed in that market. With the introduction of the Celica, Toyota created a production car that was fun to drive and also fairly economical for the time.

Since then, the Celica has become one of Toyota’s more popular vehicles and was in production until recently in 2005. Always a sporty and economic car, the Celica owes its heritage to the original models that pioneered the way for many other sports cars like the Supra, and even the recent Scion FR-S / Toyota GT 86. Check out the awesome video below of a custom built Celica that is truly a piece of Toyota history. Let us know here at Cumberland Toyota if you have any classic vehicles like this one. We love this sort of history.

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