Cumberland Toyota Community Charity Challenge Final Vote



Charity Challenge Final Vote

The Cumberland Toyota Community Charity Challenge in Cookeville, TN is in full swing now. With over 35 charitable organizations nominated in our Facebook contest and over a thousand new voters, the competition is very tight. Fans can still nominate a new charity or vote for their favorite nominee in the first round of voting until April 10, 2013 so be sure to check out the contest on our page if you haven’t already.

During the second round of voting, which will begin on April 12, the top 10 nominees will proceed to the final competition. This round will go until April 25 at which time voting will be closed. Finally, on the 26th, Cumberland Toyota plans to announce the winners of the 2013 Cumberland Toyota Community Charity Challenge. The four organizations with the most votes at the end of the second round will each win a share of the $10,000 in donations from Cumberland Toyota. Each of these four will win an equal share of $2,500 to help them fund operations and day-to-day expenses.

For more information about the Charity Challenge, contact Cumberland Toyota at 931-265-7972 or visit us online. Be sure to share the news about this competition with your friends on Facebook or on Twitter. We want to see these funds go to help deserving charities so help us by voting for your favorite.

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