Cumberland Toyota Community Charity Challenge Begins

Cumberland Toyota Community Charity ChallengeHere at Cumberland Toyota we love giving back to the local community to help support charities. Once again this year we will be holding the Cumberland Toyota Community Charity Challenge to allow our fans to decide which charities we will support with donations.

We have $10,000 set aside for donations this year and at the end of April will be dividing these funds amongst the top four most voted for charities in the contest. During the period of April 1 – April 12, fans can go on our Facebook page and nominate any local charity to be included in the challenge. Once a charity is nominated, fans can submit their vote for that charity up to one time each day per fan! During the second round of voting, which will last until April 26, fans will have the chance to vote for their favorite charity again. In the end, only four charities will win so be sure to vote early and vote often.

toyotaIf you want to participate in our contest or nominate a charity for others to vote on visit the Cumberland Toyota Community Charity Challenge here. Be sure to share the page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever social media site you use and ask them to support your charity! Here at Cumberland Toyota we really want these funds to go to a good charity so tell us who you think deserves it most.

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