Convertible Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S has barely been on the market for a few months and already there are rumors that next year’s model will feature a soft-top convertible option for people who want a more leisurely ride. Recently, the chief engineer for the Toyota GT 86 (the European version of the FR-S) announced that a drop-top version was in the works. If the Toyota over in Europe gets a convertible option, the American Scion FR-S will definitely be receiving the open-air treatment as well.

While some feel that making the car a convertible would completely throw off the car’s balance and handling characteristics, it is clear that this model would be targeted to drivers who want a more relaxing environment to cruise around in. Not only would the chopping off the roof make the car heavier, with the added weight of the machinery and extra body support, but it would also require a softer suspension setup. This de-tuned suspension would work better with the decreased body-rigidity inherent of all convertibles.

No matter what you think about the performance of a convertible FR-S, nobody can deny that the car would look amazing as a roadster! Stop by Cumberland Toyota Scion if you want more information on the Scion FR-S.

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