Check Out the Toyota SEMA Concepts for This Year

2014 Toyota CamryEach year at the Specialty Equipment market Association (SEMA), Toyota shows off their latest design trends and custom cars. This is a way to show customers just how much can be done with a new Toyota and to help the designers and engineers to get a feel for what customers like. This year, the Toyota SEMA concepts feature a strong outdoor-enthusiast theme and lots of bold colors.

For this year’s SEMA gathering, Toyota will be presenting six unique vehicles. Four of these vehicles came from the Toyota Dream Build project, a program that allows athletes and custom shops to work together in building one-off vehicles to show their tastes. These include a CamRally Camry, a Let’s Go Moto Tundra, an Oakley Ultimate Dream Ski 4Runner, and a Crusher Corolla. Check out the video below for full details and a sneak peak at what to expect at this year’s SEMA.

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