Bizarre Traffic Laws

Everyone has heard about that one traffic rule that is never enforced just because it is so outrageous. Sometimes it seems like there are rules that are just silly because they don’t need to be stated in the first place! Now let us clarify that Cumberland Toyota does not condone breaking ANY traffic law, but some of these are just worthy of a laugh:

  1. It is illegal for a driver in Alabama to operate a vehicle while barefoot. (Isn’t it easier to drive barefoot than in flip flops?) It is also illegal to attempt to drive while blindfolded… Really Alabama? Who would try to drive blindfolded anyways?
  2. It is mandatory to have windshield wipers on your car in Luxembourg. This makes sense, but it is also worth noting that you do not have to have a windshield on your vehicle in the same country!
  3. In California, it is illegal for a vehicle without a driver to exceed 96 km/h (about 59.6 mph). Does that mean that it is legal at all speeds below 96 km/h?
  4. It is also illegal in California to shoot at wild game from a moving vehicle… Unless of course, that wild game is a WHALE!!! Our only question is, “At what point would you ever need to shoot at a whale out of a moving car?” It just doesn’t make sense…
  5. In Singapore, it is illegal to drive within 50 meters of a pedestrian. (Ok, this one makes sense, but isn’t 50 meters too much?)
  6. In Switzerland, it is illegal for anyone to wash their car during a Sunday. Do they really have car washing police who patrol on Sundays.
  7. In Saudi Arabia, women recently got the right to vote, but are still not allowed to drive a car!

Everyone goes a little over the speed limit every now and then. And we can’t think of anyone who hasn’t rolled through a stop sign without completely stopping. But these rules are just way too obscure and unbelievable to even be necessary!

If you are looking for a nice new car that you can ignore these bizarre traffic laws in, stop by Cumberland Toyota to check out our inventory. Our service department is also highly capable… just in case you wreck your car while driving barefoot and blindfolded.

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