10 Million Toyotas in 2013

toyotaThe Christmas week has come and gone, and nobody had a better holiday than Toyota. The Japanese automaker released its global sales and production figures on the 25th, and with November in the books, it looks more and more inevitable that Toyota will deliver on its August promise to produce over 10 million vehicles this calendar year. If Toyota does hit the milestone, they’ll be the first automaker ever to crack the 10 million mark in a single year.

So how is Toyota doing it? First of all, the auto market itself is booming right now. The two biggest auto markets worldwide—China and the U.S.—have seen massive growth in demand over the year, especially in the U.S. where the economy has climbed out of the recession. When demand is high and you make the world’s top-selling car—the Toyota Camry—you’re going to have to make a lot of that car. Add in the seventh most popular vehicle in the U.S., the redesigned Toyota Corolla, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for 10 million vehicles in a year.

Toyota predicted that they’d reach this milestone back in August, and they’ve delivered on that promise with three consecutive months of double digit growth since then. If December proves anywhere near as successful as September-November, Toyota will cruise to the milestone. And you can cruise in to Cumberland Toyota and check out the Camry, the Corolla, and all the other great Toyotas in our inventory today.

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