Gran Turismo 6 Fans Bracing for Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Impact

The world of Gran Turismo 6, the popular sports car racing game, is bracing for an awesome shockwave. Toyota will soon make its latest digital phenomenon, the Toyota FT-1 Vision GT, available for download on the Gran Turismo 6 platform. Soon, you’ll be able to tackle both your favorite and most challenging courses with your new favorite car. While you race, dream of ways to convince Toyota to make cars like the FT-1 a real-world reality. If you think of anything good, make sure to let us know here at Cumberland Toyota.

In advance of the car’s virtual release, Toyota has released a loud, intense, in-your-face teaser video for the new FT-1 sports car. The car seems to materialize out of some menacing black clouds, and the sound of the car’s engine alone is enough to get your heart racing. But the car’s visual design is pretty eye-popping as well. Here’s how Auto Media summed up some of the highlights: “The combination of black and red is a recurring feature on the car, no doubt purposely added at Toyota’s Calty Design studio in California. Little details like the red stripe around the wheel, red brake calipers, and even a small red streak through the modern LED headlights create a contrast to the dark paint.”

Thankfully, even though Toyota hasn’t revealed any plans to make this crazy car a reality, the company has admitted that the FT-1 concept influence would be infused into future Toyota vehicle designs. We can’t wait to see those new vehicles here at Cumberland, but for now, we’ve got some race courses to tackle—and so do you, we’d guess.

Toyota Reveals Fuel Cell Vehicle at Aspen Ideas Festival

Car ChargingAt the annual Aspen Ideas Festival, Toyota brought the “Car of the Future” to U.S. soil. The automaker’s revolutionary Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) runs on hydrogen, emits only water vapor, and sports sleek styling we at Cumberland Toyota could see ourselves driving today and for years to come.

“This is a zero-emission electric-drive, mid-size four-door sedan” said Bob Carter, senior VP of automotive operations for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “It produces sufficient electrical power to spin the electric motor for about 300 miles on a single fill-up which takes three to five minutes. This is going to be a very special vehicle. And we believe we can bring it in at a very reasonable price for a lot of people.”

The FCV will first become available in California next summer. By then, the state is expected to house at least 19 hydrogen fueling stations thanks to Toyota’s partnership with FirstElement Fuel, making the vehicle a viable option for new owners.

Toyota is committed to effectively delivering the FCV and its futuristic technology to a broader base of consumers.

“The success of fuel cell technology will depend less on the genius of the car, than on the ownership experience,” Carter said. “Stay tuned, because this infrastructure thing is going to happen.”

We can’t wait.

Where Would You Go in a Toyota Prius?

2013 Toyota Prius V“Where would you go in a new Toyota Prius and why?” That was the question Toyota asked attendees at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Annual Conference this year. One answer stood out to Toyota, the answer from Audrey Moscosa-Rodriguez. Audrey stated she would use the Toyota Prius to help encourage Latino teens to finish high school, graduate, and apply to college. On Sunday morning, Moscosa-Rodriguez was chosen the winner for her response and was awarded a new Prius.

The Savannah, Georgia resident works with a program that helps students prepare for not only academic success, but success in their future careers as well. Audrey explained that “This new Prius will help me reach more students, motivate them toward high school graduation and college access, and prepare them for successful entry into the workplace. I can’t thank Toyota enough for this amazing life changing gift. This is such a tremendous opportunity for me, my students, and my community.” Toyota has been the No. 1 choice for automobiles for U.S. Latinos and was the title sponsor of this year’s NCLR conference. This conference is known as the largest gathering of organizations, institutions, influential individuals, and companies working with the Hispanic Community.

The relationship between Toyota and the NCLR has been ongoing for 15 years and both parties are thrilled with the efforts each has put in to make the conference a success. The Group Vice President and General Manager of the Toyota division at Toyota Motor Sales, Bill Fay, noted that “We have been a proud partner of NCLR for 15 years and are thrilled to be expanding our efforts to support the important work that NCLR does to expand civic engagement and foster critical conversations across the Latino community.” In return to that comment, the Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Events at NCLR praised Toyota by saying “Toyota always brings something new and exciting to our conference and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them and be a part of it again this year.” This year on top of the car giveaway, Toyota hosted a golf clinic, a concert, an autograph session with NASCAR’s German Quiroga, and showcased their new models!

GI Bill Restoration Backed by Toyota Funding

toyotaToyota Senior Advisor Don Esmond wanted to give back the help that he received earlier on in his life, and he did. After serving six years as a decorated Marine, Esmond said the education and home owner benefits he received under the GI bill created a new path to the rest of his life. Esmond explained that “The GI Bill helped us afford our first house with a backyard. Today, with unemployment so high among our veterans, it’s more important than ever.” The GI Bill was put into place to help veterans through a variety of readjustment programs. Some of the readjustment programs included education and workforce training, unemployment pay, and loan guarantees for homes or businesses.

Toyota is helping by donating $100,000 to the Foundation for National Archives which will help preserve documents such as the GI Bill. The GI Bill can only be on display for two to four weeks at a time because of strict conservation guidelines. Visitors can still view the bill and become educated about it online at because of Toyota’s exhibition support. Toyota is sponsoring ten different historic documents in a National Archives exhibit. The documents range from the Congressional Passage of the Bill of Rights in 1789 to Nixon’s letter of resignation in 1973.

Toyota works very hard to give back to those who have given so much for our freedom. They work with the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which gives scholarships to children of Marines and Corpsmen, and “Hiring Our Heroes” a group that helps veterans with their transition from active duty to the civilian workplace. We are proud to be a part of a brand that gives back to the real heroes!

Toyota Increases Scholarship Donation for Military Children

Toyota Increases Donation for Military Children Scholarship FundMargaret B. Davis, the President and CEO of Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation stated that, “Marine and Navy Corpsmen make legendary sacrifices every day. Sending their children to college shouldn’t be one of them.” Toyota agrees. Toyota has donated an additional $1.35 million to the Marine Corps Scholarship Fund in order to provide need-based scholarships to military children. Toyota has been a supporter of the fund since 2004 and including this investment, Toyota has donated over $3 million dollars.

Davis noted “Toyota’s expanded commitment will help ensure that the Scholarship Foundation can continue to award a scholarship to every eligible child who applies. The investment that the company is making in these students is an investment in our next generation of leaders. We deeply appreciate Toyota’s generosity and its long-standing commitment to our military and education.” The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the nation’s oldest and largest donor of scholarships for military children. With Toyota’s $1.35 million dollar contribution, approximately 300 scholarships can be awarded to children of Marines and Navy Corpsmen over the next five years in order for them to pursue higher education. In San Diego, CA, scholarship recipients and sisters explain that they were able to succeed so far academically and in life due to the encouragement and wisdom from their father, Gunnery Sergeant Pedro Aquino USMC.

Michael Rouse, the vice president of diversity, philanthropy, and community affairs spoke on behalf of Toyota and explained “It’s an honor to be able to give back to the Marine and Navy families who have sacrificed so much for all of us, higher education is a valuable and lifelong investment and we’re please to be able to help lessen the financial burden for the children of our nation’s military families.” The dedication of our armed forces should be recognized and we are proud of their efforts. Cumberland Toyota thanks you for all that you do!

LPGA Star Swings for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Golf Star Swings for CharityMost athletes have enough pressure on them just trying to win the game but having the power to generate more than $1 million dollars for a scholarship, that’s a lot of pressure. Lizette Salas does not let that get to her though. The LPGA star has teamed up with Toyota’s Drive for Success program and with every shot she takes she can earn funding for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). The HSF is the nation’s largest non-profit organization that supports higher education for Hispanic Americans. For each birdie, one stroke under par, Salas hits, will earn $1,500. For each eagle, two strokes under par, she will earn $5,000. If Salas hits a hole-in-one in the first round of any of her remaining domestic tournaments, Toyota will donate $1 million dollars to the organization.

Lizette has been a Team Toyota athlete since November of 2013 and explains that the contributions she makes are personal. Salas exclaimed that “As the first person in my immediate family to earn a college degree, I’m proud to help promote the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and its critical goals for Hispanic Students. Thanks to the generous support from Toyota, every good shot I make will put money in the bank for more students to further their education and pursue their passions like I’ve had the opportunity to do.” Salas attended the University of Southern California and was a four time All-American and was named the Pac-10 player of the year two separate times.

Not only will Salas play to help fund the scholarships, she also will make public appearances to increase awareness for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. When speaking about Lizette, Fidel Vargas, the President and CEO of HSF stated “Lizette’s success story is extremely relevant to the Hispanic community and embodies the educational and personal achievements the Hispanic Scholarship Fund aims to support.” In the past 25 years, Toyota has donated more than $5.7 million to fund scholarships and other services. We can’t wait to watch Lizette play and help achieve her goal to reach the full pledge! Good Luck!!

Toyota Donates Time and Money to Help Rebuild Cities

Toyota works to help rebuild cities.“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers. Mr. Rogers embedded wisdom in children from a young age and taught us to look for people who are helping or to be helpers and in this case, Toyota was the helper. On April 28th, tragedy struck Northeast Mississippi when a tornado destroyed everything in its path. After this happened, Toyota asked what they could do to help and they did. Approximately $86,000 was donated by Toyota, near site suppliers, and team members.

Toyota Mississippi and team members donated more than $35,000 to volunteer organizations that were responding to relief efforts. The Northeast Chapter of the American Red Cross received a donation of $20,000 and another $15,000 from Toyota team members that was backed with a dollar for dollar match from Toyota. The donations from suppliers totaled $23,000. The vice president at Toyota Mississippi exclaimed “Our team members genuinely care about the welfare of others, and I am humbled to work beside each of them.”

Toyota workers did not just help financially; they also volunteered personal time to help move debris from the damaged areas. Based upon a report from a nonprofit organization Independent Sector, the overall total for their time contribution was 1,445 hours which accounts for around $27,960. We are proud to be a part of the Toyota brand and are thankful to those who helped rebuild a city.

Toyota Gives Teens the Power to Stop Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents in teens. And when you are 16, the last thing you want to hear is a speech from your parents about the dangers of driving. Many teens do not know the true risk till something terrible happens, but what if they hear the risks from their peers? Toyota and Discovery Education teamed up again for its third year for the 2014 Toyota Teen Driver Video Challenge.

Toyota asks students across the country to create videos that will help teens avoid distractions while driving. In this year’s competition, ten videos were selected as finalists and were then posted online and put to a public vote. The winning video out of 1,000 entries was submitted by four teens from Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine, CA. The video is based around a boy visiting a tarot card reader when he is younger and on his 17th birthday he remembers can change his future if he avoids driving distracted. The winning team will split $15,000 and have the chance to work with a Discovery film crew to professionally shoot their view and make it a TV-ready PSA. The second place winner received $10,000 and the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes trip for two to a Discovery’s Velocity show. The third place winner received $7,500.

Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Latondra Newton, exclaimed “At Toyota, we’ve had a longstanding commitment to offering programs and resources that help teen drivers stay safe and avoid distractions.” It is great to see such enthusiasm out of teens in order to make the roads a better place to drive! At Cumberland Toyota, we keep safety as the highest priority and can’t wait to see the new PSA’s from the teens!


Hovering Cars? What Year is it?

2014 Toyota Avalon

2014 Toyota Avalon

First cars that drive themselves and now we are hearing talk about cars that hover? Is it really the year 2014? Although it seems crazy, the talk is true. Toyota is investigating the idea of cars that will hover just above the road. Some questions have come up asking what is wrong with driving on the ground; why would we want hovering cars? Well not only would it be great to ride in, but it also improves efficency.

The managing officer for Toyota’s technical administration group, Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, explained that the company in fact had been studying flying cars but the concept would not actually be similar to flying around. The cars would take a similar approach to a hovercraft. The goal of the car would be to create distance between the car and the street in order to reduce friction. After his interview at Bloomberg’s Next Big Thing Summit, Yoshiki would not reveal any more information regarding the hover cars. He refused to mention if he believed the cars would ever make it to the market or how long they in fact have been working on this idea.

We’re not sure how this is going to work but we’re excited to hear more about the progress and of course the end result! Also if there is ever a car that hovers over the ground, then bring it to Cumberland Toyota!



Toyota Yaris Gets Sportier New Look for 2014

2014 Toyota YarisThe Toyota Yaris, looking to stay competitive in the white hot subcompact car segment, has been significantly redesigned for the 2014 model year. From its “bold and assertive” new exterior design, which takes cues from the style-prone Toyota Aygo, to its improved interior appointments and technology, the 2014 Yaris looks just as great as drives.

The Yaris lineup also sees some simplifications for the new model year; the brand dropped the four-door version of the Yaris, leaving buyers with a choice between the three door or five door Yaris. The L and LE trims come in both options, but the sporty-focused SE trim comes as a five door vehicle only. All these trims come with Toyota’s 1.5L engine, which can churn out up to 106 horsepower and 103 lb-ft. of torque.

When you come see us at Cumberland Toyota, we’ll be sure to show you the comfortable, much improved interior of the 2014 Yaris. The new interior features advanced technology like a seven-inch screen and the Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system as well as a redesigned dashboard and comfortable, high-quality upholstery. The Yaris might be a small package, but when it comes to the subcompact segment, the Yaris definitely has the whole package.