Mexico’s New Toyota Plant to Produce Corolla by 2020

Mexico’s New Toyota PlantToyota has announced that it will invest $1 billion in a new plant in Mexico, where it plans to move production of the Corolla for the 2020 model year. This major investment will be part of the automaker’s “radical” overhaul of the Corolla.

Jim Lentz, Toyota’s CEO of the North American region, commented that the move comes as the automaker sees a low cost of production in Mexico, along with a strong supplier base. Toyota plans to build the new Corolla on Toyota’s new architecture called TNGA, and moving production to Mexico will help keep the 2020 Corolla’s price competitive.

“We’ve been building Tacomas in Mexico for 12 years plus… and we are moving (Corolla) to a country that we know, that we have had great success in,” said Lentz. “Obviously the secret is out that this is a good place to be.”

The new plant is expected to employ 2,000 employees and will have the capacity to produce about 200,000 cars a year. According to, production will begin in 2019 for the 2020 model year. Here at Cumberland Toyota, we are on the edge of our seats. What are the details of this “radical” new Corolla? Unfortunately, just like you, we’ll have to wait a few years to find out.

Toyota North American Manufacturing Operations is Realigning

Toyota North American Manufacturing Operations There will be a few changes coming for Toyota North American Manufacturing Operations. Just recently, Toyota announced a $1 Billion investment that will realign their operations and help the future of Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA).

Toyota will soon be building a new North American manufacturing facility to produce the Corolla in Guanajuato Central Mexico. The soon to be state-of-the-art facility will employ 2,000 people and have the ability to produce 200,000 units each year.

Corolla production won’t begin until 2019 in Mexico, but after that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. will begin to renovate their Cambridge, Ontario North Plant. The Cambridge plant will switch from producing Corollas to building mid-sized and luxury vehicles. The Woodstock, Ontario plant will also see a few transformations within the upcoming years.

Jim Lentz, chief executive officer of Toyota North America said, “We are thrilled to invest further in North America so we can better meet the needs of our customers for decades to come.”

With the new U.S. headquarters being built in Texas, Toyota has a lot of reconstruction and rearranging ahead of them, but we are thrilled to see the investments paying off. If you’re interested any of the award winning models in Toyota’s lineup, visit us at Cumberland Toyota today!

Post-Freeze Toyota Plant Expansion to Take Root in Mexico and China

Toyota Plant ExpansionAfter a five-year freeze on additional production facilities as part of an attempt to slow down the global financial crisis – Toyota has big plans to turn things around after record-breaking sales in the past years.

Two enormous new Toyota plants will be built in both China and Mexico over the next four years, to make more new Toyota models easily available for purchase both locally and abroad. One plant alone will produce 200,000 vehicles each year.

Nothing official seems to have been decided yet, but it’s likely that information about he new plants will go public soon, considering all the talk that’s floating around online.

This year is looking to be a strong one for the entire automotive industry, already on track to sell about 17 million new trucks and cars. It’s no wonder that Toyota is looking to expand.

What do you think of the Toyota plant expansion plans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Toyota Lowers Price of Its Braking System

Toyota braking systemEveryone deserves the right to stop. That’s apparently how Toyota feels about things as it prepares to slash prices on its pre-collision braking system.

There a quite a few reasons for the drop. According to ABC News, Toyota said that the price of “cameras and sensors continue to fall.” Also, Toyota has gotten to the point where they are mass-producing the technologies.

Cindy Knight, spokesperson for Toyota, said that in the future, these features will diverge and become available as their own package rather be part of a larger, more expensive, premium package. The goal is to “make the systems as accessible as possible.”

Not only will this move make more Toyota customers safer, it’s likely to lead to a small revolution in the automotive industry at large. As the price of the Toyota braking system decreases further, other automakers will be sure to follow. In the end, given enough time, it’s sure to make everyone a little bit safer in their automobiles.

Toyota Named New Global Olympic Sponsor

New Global Olympic SponsorIt looks like Toyota may have just earned itself a gold medal. The Japanese carmaker recently announced that it is now a member of The Olympic Partner (TOP) program, becoming the new global Olympic sponsor.

“We will do everything possible to fulfill our new role in The Olympic Partner program, and justify the trust the IOC has placed in use, “said Toyota president Akio Toyoda. “The addition of a mobility category to the TOP Partner field is an important recognition of our entire industry. Under this Olympic flag, let us today reaffirm the power of sports to bring people together. And let us dedicate ourselves to creating a better world by promoting sports in the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play.”

Toyota is set to be the official new global Olympic sponsor next year in Japan, expanding its sponsorship globally in 2017 after the Rio de Janeiro games in 2014. The partnership between Toyota and the Olympic Games will continue until 2024, making the Japanese carmaker in charge of the Games’ mobility, including vehicles, mobility services, and mobiles solutions.

Stop in to Cumberland Toyota today to see why Toyota vehicles are the perfect vehicle for the Olympic Games!

Toyota Environmental Sustainability Efforts Win SWAC Corporate Champion Award

Toyota environmental sustainabilityNot only is Toyota the manufacturer of the top-selling cars in America, but it is also a leader and pioneer in the industry for greener living.

Ranging from everyday lifestyle choices to its automobile production, the Toyota Green Initiative (TGI), launched in 2009, educates and promotes environmentally sustainable solutions. Partnering with HBCUs, historically black colleges and universities, TGI was able to promote the benefits of sustainable living and environmental awareness at the 2015 Southwest Athletic Conference (SWAC) basketball tournament and host a day of service to the local Boys & Girls Club in Houston. For its philanthropic contributions, TGI received the SWAC Corporate Champion award.

“Toyota has been a first-class partner for all of the SWAC schools. In addition to being our title partner for both the SWAC football and basketball championships, Toyota’s commitment to incorporating green technology into the campuses has been outstanding,” said SWAC commissioner Duer Sharp.

We at Cumberland Toyota are proud to be a part of the Toyota environmental sustainability program where our line of vehicles is not only safe and fun to drive but is at the forefront of today’s environmental efficiency for a ‘brighter tomorrow.’

February Toyota Prius Sales Showcase Market Domination

February Toyota Prius SalesIt’s been years since the Toyota Prius was released, arguably the first of its kind in terms of environmental friendliness and all-around innovation. It’s remained an automotive staple to this very day.

In 2015, hybrid and plug-in cars are available from many credible automakers, all of which have their unique set of pros and cons. However – it’s the Toyota Prius the remains the best-selling hybrid car in America.

The Prius liftback reportedly dominated 26 percent of the hybrid market in February, more than any other hybrid vehicle available, while the Prius C was the second-highest achiever, representing 10 percent of the market.

This data surfaced around the same time that Consumer Reports revealed their annual Top Picks list, even calling the Prius a “mainstream player,” as opposed to the niche vehicle it was once designed to be.

What do you think of these February Toyota Prius sales? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Winners Announced

dream car art contest winnersA child’s imagination is one of the most amazing things in the world. Which is why Toyota challenges young children each year to draw a picture of what their dream car looks like and the results are spectacular.

Toyota has announced the 2015 Dream Car Art Contest winners with nine young artists from the U.S. moving on to the next round of competition at the World Contest. Their artwork will be displayed along with the winners from over 80 other countries. Then, the top 30 artists will win an all-expense-paid trip to Toyota City, Japan for the World Contest awards ceremony in August.

Judges for the U.S. competition included Toyota Financial Services CEO Mike Groff, actor and art collector Cheech Marin, Art Center College of Design Transportation Chair Stewart Reed, and six others.

“Toyota is proud to support our communities by providing our nation’s youth with this outlet for their imagination and talent,” said Groff, in a statement. “These young artists represent our future leaders and designers, who will help shape the automotive industry in the years to come.  To see their self-expression through art is truly exciting.”

You can take a look at the winners’ artwork online. Which dream car picture is your favorite?

Toyota Is One of the World’s Most Admired Companies

Some would say reputation is everything. Think about it: when shopping for a new car, it is important to find a vehicle reputed for its value, reliability, safety, etc. We at Cumberland Toyota are proud that our vehicles are built by an automaker whose good reputation is widely recognized around the world. Toyota is the highest ranking automaker on Fortune Magazine’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

The list is published annually, and Toyota moved up one spot on both the overall list and in the Motor Vehicle category of the list to No. 24 and No. 1, respectively.

“We’d like to thank Toyota team members, associates and partners worldwide for helping us achieve the honor,” said Jim Lentz, chief executive office for Toyota Motor North America. “We are dedicated to our customers, communities, and to leading the future of mobility. We’re proud to be recognized as one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies and a leader in our industry.”

The Most Admired list is compiled via a series of surveys and other data in which companies’ financial stability is taken into account along with the responses of industry executives, directors, and securities analysts. In addition, the surveys cover issues such as quality of management, people management, social responsibility, and global competitiveness.

It’s pretty hard to be the most admired motor vehicle company in the world and produce sub-par products. Toyota’s esteemed reputation is a testament to its ability to produce quality products that our customers enjoy driving.

Spring Travel Driving Tips

spring travel driving tipsA new season is just around the corner – and what better way to usher in Spring Break than a fun road-trip with friends? Here are some spring travel driving tips to remember before hitting the open road.

First, remember to have your car serviced for routine maintenance before the trip to ensure your car is ready for the long (or short) journey. Although it might make for an interesting story when you get back, you don’t want to spend your trip on the side of the road from a preventable issue.

Don’t leave home without the travel essentials! Important documents to remember include: up-to-date drivers licenses for all drivers, current proof of insurance, and printed maps. We know, we know – with GPS technology, why print maps? Well, you never know when you might lose satellite reception, so better to be prepared! You also won’t want to forget your phone charger, GPS, music playlist, and your favorite snacks.

Travel smart! Taking turns behind the wheel ensures all drivers can remain energized, while the person traveling shotgun can keep the driver company and also provide an extra set of eyes to keep on the road. Take plenty of rest stops to stretch out your legs, use the facilities, and regain energy and momentum for your trip. When leaving your vehicle, be sure to keep all valuable belongings out of plain sight and always lock your car!

We hope that your journey brings you past Cumberland Toyota, where we can help you get to your ultimate destination.