Edmunds.com Showers Awards on Several Toyota Models

2014 Toyota RAV4Edmunds.com is highly a respected informational resource in the automotive world. Odds are you’ve visited the website yourself a time or two. The company recently released lists of the “Top Rated” vehicles and the “2014 Most Popular on Edmunds.com.” We at Cumberland Toyota are pleased to announce Toyota dominated with multiple winners on both lists.

To create the “Top Rated” cars list, the Edmunds Testing team evaluates approximately 200 vehicles throughout the year. The purpose of the list is to directly compare vehicles of the same size and price by assigning a letter grade after testing is completed. Vehicles that earn an “A” are named “Top Rated.”


Toyota’s A-grade vehicles are:

  • 2014 Avalon: Sedan
  • 2014 Highlander: SUV
  • 2014 Prius: Hybrid/Electric
  • 2014 Sienna: Minivan/Van

In determining recipients of the “Most Popular Car” awards, Edmunds.com assessed which cars the greatest number of shoppers considered during 2013. “Consideration” is defined as “the number of unique visitors during a calendar month to the research inventory pages on the Edmunds.com desktop site for each new model.” The three vehicles in each segment with the highest number of visitors were distinguished as “Most Popular.”


Toyota’s “Most Popular” vehicles are:

  • RAV4: Compact Crossover SUV
  • Tacoma: Compact Truck
  • Avalon: Large Car
  • Tundra: Large Truck
  • Camry: Midsize Car
  • Highlander: Midsize Crossover SUV
  • Sienna: Minivan

Did your car make either of the lists?

New Toyota Series Cautions against Eating and Driving

2014 Toyota CamryBy now, most people know texting while driving is not a good idea. “Distracted driving,” as it is called, is the number one cause of car accidents in America, above speeding and drunk driving. Even buying the best car from Cumberland Toyota won’t help you avoid accidents if you don’t pay attention to the road!

But distracted driving doesn’t just include texting or other kinds of phone usage. It can also involve eating. In fact, some studies suggest that as much as 8 in 10 of all car accidents are caused by drivers distracted by eating.

As part of its TeenDrive365 campaign, Toyota has launched a new miniseries called “Tested,” in which parents and their teens are shown just how significantly they affect their driving when they eat, tweet, or even sing behind the wheel.

Episode 2 covers eating while driving, and Toyota makes a strong point of demonstrating how important it is for parents to be good driving role models for their kids.

Start a conversation with your teen today about distracted driving. Let us know how it went in the comment section below!

Toyota Unleashes i-Road Concept on Public Japanese Roads

Toyota i-RoadIf you were excited about the Toyota i-Road concept, you might want to get a little jealous of our friends in Japan, where Toyota has let the little three-wheeled concept loose on public roads. The event celebrated the introduction of “Ha:mo,” the automaker’s optimized urban transport system.

Before long, the i-Road will be hitting the streets of Toyota City, where it will be available to residents at vehicle-sharing stations.

Toyota i-Road LeanWhat makes the i-Road so great? If all you look for in a car is a means to get from point A to B, Toyota has come up with a splendid solution. It weighs a meager 300 kg and measures at less than 90 cm wide, which makes it easy to navigate and park in narrow urban environments.

And, of course, it’s completely electric. Say goodbye to fuel pumps, unnecessary spending, and carbon emissions, and hello to a greener world.

Well, maybe not just yet. It’ll be some time before a vehicle like the i-Road is officially launched around the world, though the French city of Grenoble will soon be getting a taste of it for a vehicle-sharing project.

What do you think about the i-Road? Let us the folks at Cumberland Toyota know in the comment section below!

Toyota to Utilize Landfill Gas, Reduce Consumption

Natural GasToyota is widely known as one of the most eco-friendly and green car companies out there. With some of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road and two hybrid modes, the manufacturer is clearly dedicated to reducing the emissions created. But now, the plan is for Toyota to utilize landfill gas to make their manufacturing process more environmentally friendly.

The Toyota manufacturing plant located in Georgetown, KY will be teaming up with Waste Services of the Bluegrass to utilize the gas generated by local landfills to create electricity. The solid waste in these landfills naturally generates gases as it decomposes and Toyota just wants to harvest these for use in powering electrical generators. Once the gas has been burned and the electricity generated, underground electrical wires would transmit the power to the Toyota plant and help reduce the amount of power that needs to be drawn from the grid.

Here at Cumberland Toyota in Cookeville, TN we are always excited to hear about innovations like this because it means Toyota is pushing themselves to be the best in every aspect.

In Last Production Year, FJ Cruiser as Off-Road Dominant as Ever

2014 Toyota FJ CruiserIt’s true that Toyota will be saying goodbye to the FJ Cruiser after the current production year, but that shouldn’t lead you to believe that the iconic SUV is no longer the off-road powerhouse that made it so popular. It still is. Just listen to the following reasons, and if you’re still not convinced, then come see us at Cumberland Toyota to take a test drive and put your final doubts to rest.

Sometimes “off-roading” includes not just mud and dirt and rocky trails, but water as well. No problem for the FJ Cruiser; elevated air intakes and specially protected electrical parts allow you to drive through water as deep as 28 inches safely. Trust me—I wouldn’t try this in a smaller car, or even in many other off-road capable vehicles. Specially protected undercarriage and 4×4 angles also contribute to keeping the FJ Cruiser in control no matter the terrain.

Plus, the FJ Cruiser comes with all kinds of special options to further increase your off-road prowess. Bilstein shocks, functional skid plates, and advanced systems like Active Traction Control and CRAWL Control keep you in ultimate command of even Mother Nature’s hardest tests. Obviously, the FJ Cruiser, even in its last year, is no cause for concern—in fact, what should be concerned is everything in its way, cause this SUV ain’t stopping for anything.

Toyota Tacoma Gets Even Better with Bed Accessories

2014 Toyota Tacoma Bed StorageOne of the main reasons that many people purchase a pickup truck is because of the truck bed. That’s also the reason why, as a truck owner, all of your friends call you when it’s time to move.

2014 Toyota TacomaBut did you know there’s so much more your Toyota Tacoma truck bed can do? Toyota offers a myriad of accessories to complement your Tacoma and make it even more versatile. Here are just a few examples.

  • Bed Extender. With the tailgate down, attach these lightweight aluminum bars and your bed is instantly almost two feet longer. You can even use it with the tailgate closed to provide a small enclosed area within the bed.
  • BedStep®. Sometimes climbing up into your Tacoma truck bed can be a bit of a climb. Make it easy by adding a Bed Step. It is made with high-strength aluminum to support up to 300 pounds.
  • Truck-Bed D-Rings. These durable steel loop-in-bolt rings attach to the inside of the Tacoma bed. They make it easy to securely tie down cargo.
  • Bed Mat. To keep your truck bed clean and to help prevent damage, add a simple bed mat. It is custom-fitted to the Tacoma’s bed shape and has a textured surface to help keep cargo from sliding around. And, to help prevent rust and mildew underneath the mat, it has a knobby underside to allow airflow and promote drainage.
  • Cargo Divider. The multi-position divider works in tandem with the deck rail system. It allows you to separate loads to prevent sliding. It slides and rotates into multiple positions, including laying flat on top of cargo.

These are just a small number of the many Toyota Tacoma accessories available. All can be purchased through Toyota dealerships, including here at Cumberland Toyota.

Camry, Tacoma Awarded “Best Car for the Money” Honors for 2014

2014 Toyota CamryToyota continues to bolster its reputation as the best automotive brand on market—and as one of the world’s best companies, period—with continued award-winning products and performance. Most recently, both the 2014 Camry and Tacoma earned “Best Car for the Money” awards from U.S. News and World Report. The vehicles were named the best for the money in the midsize car and compact truck categories, respectively.

The Camry coaxes an incredible amount of value and performance out of its midsize sedan frame. The car’s 2.5L Inline 4-cylinder engine mates to a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission with 178 horsepower, but the car still reaches a 35 mpg highway rating. Plus, the Camry remains one of the sturdiest, most popular vehicles on the roads today.

Then there is the Tacoma, a unique entry in the small truck segment. With three cab choices—regular, double, and access options—available, the Tacoma is as customizable as it is capable and fun to drive. A 2.7L engine and a 5-speed manual transmission add up to 159 horsepower for this baby, and the Tacoma delivers a very healthy 25 mpg highway as well.

2014 Toyota Tacoma


It’s no wonder Toyota is at the top of the automotive brand world, with excellent products like the Camry and Tacoma filling their lineup. Come see us today at Cumberland Toyota to find the car or truck that’s just right for you.

Powering Your House with a Toyota Prius

Fuel CellThis winter has been harsh, there’s no doubt about that! This winter there were millions of people who experienced power outages. There were even a few instances when entire areas lost power for significant periods of time. That’s why we found this news extremely interesting. It appears the leftover batteries from a Toyota Prius make excellent backup power sources that are even capable of powering a house.

There have been experiments that make use of old hybrid battery packs as stationary power storage systems. By stacking several of these batteries together, engineers were able to create one, larger battery. These huge “batteries” are able to provide power to houses and buildings in the event of a power outage. This is just one of the ways hybrid and plug-in vehicles can be useful well beyond their serviceable life-cycle as a vehicle.

Toyota is also working on a Fuel Cell Vehicle for 2015 that would be able to power a typical house for a week in an emergency situation when fully fueled. This would just be one of the many ways a Fuel Cell powered vehicle would have advantages over traditional gasoline powered engines.

For more information, give us a visit at Cumberland Toyota here in Cookeville, TN today. We can’t wait to see a lot of this technology trickle down to cars we get here in Tennessee one day!

KBB.com Honors 2014 Toyota Sienna as One of Their Top Family Vehicles

2014 Toyota SiennaThis year, on their 12 Best Family Cars list, KBB.com honored the 2014 Toyota Sienna as one of the highest rated vehicles on the market right now. The list has been compiled in an attempt to help drivers looking for a new family vehicle in finding a few of the best example of each type. For this year, the 2014 Toyota Sienna was selected for one of the top 12 vehicles, representing the minivan segment.

Some of the reasons that the new Sienna has been integrated into this prestigious list include its excellent value at base level models, trim levels that are targeted to specific customers, superior comfort, and enormous cargo capacity with flexible seating. When properly equipped, the Sienna can be either a “sporty” ride for up to 8 passengers, or a luxurious and comfortable living-room-on-wheels with dual reclining captain’s chairs with footrests in the second row. In all models, the third-row seating offers extreme versatility and folds flat into the cavernous rear cargo area.

Be sure to check out one of the great new Siennas here at Cumberland Toyota if you’re the minivan sort or check out the rest of our inventory like the RAV4, 4Runner, and Camry.

Toyota Tundra, Tacoma & 4Runner Receive Off-Road Treatment

2014 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro and 2014 Toyota 4Runner TRD ProToyota is deviating from its usual path and treading into uncharted territory with an all-new TRD Pro Series lineup introduced at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

TRD stands for Toyota Racing Development, the team that usually helps Toyota build the cars that win grueling endurance races like the Baja 500 and 1000. This time, they’ve built something designed for the regular customers—well, maybe not so regular.

2014 Toyota Tundra TRD ProThe TRD Pro Series lineup includes the 2015 Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner, all of which have received substantial upgrades to help them conquer the off-road with ease and with style. The new, aggressive packages are designed to enhance their capability for the extreme off-road enthusiasts—and if you aren’t one, they might just convert you.

The TRD treatment enhances each individual model with unique visual and performance upgrades, though some of the features are shared in common, such as the front skid plate, the black wheels, the Bilstein shocks with remote reservoirs, and more. For more details, visit us at Cumberland Toyota!